About Me

I live in beautiful southern Arizona with my husband, stepson, and two cats. After working as a registered nurse for over 10 years, I decided to follow my heart and train to become a certified hypnotist and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner. I now offer RTT sessions via Zoom to clients around the world. 

I have spent the past 20+ years focused on deep healing of the body, mind and spirit. I experienced multiple traumatic events earlier in my life which started me on this quest for healing. My journey has led me to try many different healing modalities. While a number of these techniques did provide some relief, often the symptoms would return or a new symptom would pop up to replace the symptom which was removed. I discovered that permanent changes only occurred when the healing method eliminated the root cause of the issue, rather than just focusing on the relief of symptoms.

I have had the most positive and permanent results when I have used hypnosis and RTT because these methods are able to eliminate the negative, limiting beliefs which contribute to many of the common issues people struggle with. Through using these techniques, I no longer suffer from depression, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue, constant anxiety, low self-esteem or fear of rejection. I have had so much success with hypnosis and RTT that I want others to have the same relief that I’ve experienced. 

My Healing Philosophy

I believe that we all have an “inner healer” which is constantly guiding us towards physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. We are each on our own healing journey and we must find what works best for us as individuals.

I believe that when we are in touch with our inner healer, we are naturally drawn to everything which will help us grow and heal the most, at exactly the right time. If you feel drawn to RTT and would like to work with me, I would be delighted and honored to work with you.

Photo of Nori Muller in a black sleeveless top, smiling.